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KGiG Partners with GRuB

Garden Raised Bounty!!

KinderGarden in the Garden is announcing an exciting new partnership that will allow us to blossom!   


KGiG is partnering with our big sister - GRuB ( For over 20 years, GRuB has been serving Thurston County residents of all ages with relationship-based programming around growing & preparing good food. GRuB supports two urban farms and is sharing their land, love and experience with KGiG!


KGiG will come to GRuB's farm regularly to expose our Garden Stars to their vibrant acres full of farm and wild plants. including vegetables, berries, flowers and herbs. In addition GRuB will support our outreach and engagement of other families of color in Thurston County!


Our partnership with GRuB will grow our Garden Stars' connection to the soil, sustainability, stewardship, health and wellness. Along with our new partner GRuB, KGiG will grow healthy families and increase personal resilience, with access to good food and resources that are connected to the land. 

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